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The core strategy that drove the evolution of BJJ is that in a fight, no matter how good a boxer or kickboxer you are, there is always a chance of being hit. Rather than try to exchange strikes, the safer option, especially against a bigger, stronger opponent, is to rapidly close the distance and clinch your opponent, smothering their opportunity to hit back, take them down to the ground. From here they can be controlled and their offensive capabilities shut down. Now it is possible to decisively finish the fight using either joint locks, chokes, or a barrage of strikes from a dominant position. This is what we do in this gym.

There are four types of classes in the gym: MMA fundamentals, Kickboxing, NoGi BJJ and the Open Mat.

MMA Fundamentals Class

The MMA fundamentals classes are the entry point for the gym where the core MMA system will be taught. Classes will take a systematic, to the point of being anal retentive, approach to developing the core skill sets required to eventually fight at a high level. There will not be a great deal of free sparring in these classes, but there will be a great deal of positional sparring and semi-resisting partner drills aimed at ensuring people learn what is being taught the first time around while becoming incrementally accustomed to the contact nature of the sport in a controlled manner. This class is ideal for people with either no experience, or someone that has already been training for a couple of years but wants to clean up what they have been doing. There is no assumed fitness level to attend this class, as this will be built up over time.

 Kickboxing Class

The kickboxing classes will focus on just the stand-up striking elements of the system. While the skills taught here will be the same as those taught in the MMA fundamentals classes, it a good idea to have a dedicated class to ensure people maintain a well-rounded skill set. The striking skills being taught here are derived from a long range boxing system that places a premium on footwork, evasiveness and mobility. This class is suitable for all skill levels.

 NoGi Class

The NoGi classes are dedicated grappling classes. In these classes a timer will start, and people will wrestle, wrestle and wrestle some more. Once people have burned themselves out, the remainder of the class will focus on troubleshooting any problems or issues that have come up. All wrestling rounds will start standing, not from the knees, and I love leg locks more than life itself (they are included in the fundamentals program), so you can expect to see them too (they aren’t dangerous when you know what you are doing people!). There is no minimum standard for entry into this class, but in the interests of self-preservation, some experience is advised.

 Open Mat Class

On Friday and Saturday there will be an open mat period. These will follow no specific plan other than what tickles peoples fancy at that moment. This can include anything from going over skills that have been arousing your curiosity / giving you the s@#ts, wrestling, sparring, swinging kettlebells, pushing sleds around or whatever else happens to be suggested. This is a small gym, so catering to individual needs and interests isn’t that difficult…

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Focus MMA is a Mixed Martial Arts Academy located in Sydney, Australia. Catering for beginners through to competitive fighters, the gym has something for everyone.

Come down and have a look around or contact Andrew on 0437-973-715 for more information about our Sydney MMA Gym

Focus MMA, W16 / 122-126 Old Pittwater Road, Sydney, Australia 2100

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